Pulsehoop Power Gloves

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Weighted Gloves for any workout...

Our weighted gloves are the perfect addition to your workout routine. Whether you run, hula hoop, work out in the gym or power walk these gloves are a must. Swap out the boring hand weights for these multi-use weighted gloves.

Our fitness gloves help build muscle, tone your arms, strengthen your shoulders and increase general calorie burn.

Key Features
  • Comfortable - soft material with padding.
  • Breathable - ensuring your workout is comfortable.
  • Adjustable - 300g, 400g or 650g per glove.
  • Easy to store - the compact size means you can store easily.

This is a perfect set of gym gloves that go perfectly with our Pulsehoop Deluxe weighted hula hoop, to give you the full workout.

Note: If you have had an arm or shoulder injury, please do not use Powergloves without first consulting a medical professional.


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