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Pulsehoop Deluxe - with Adjustable Weight

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North America's Most Advanced Weighted Fitness Hoop

Known as 'Powerhoop®' in Europe, the Pulsehoop Deluxe is a high-quality weighted fitness hoop. Unlike the lightweight, toy hula hoops™ that you remember from childhood, the Pulsehoop Deluxe is many hoops in one, enabling adult users to “upgrade” incrementally as their core muscles get stronger.

Key Features
  • Adjustable weight - 3.0lbs (no inserts), 3.5 lbs (one set), 4.8 lbs (two sets).
  • Large diameter - 40-inch diameter makes it easy, even for beginners.
  • Simple to assemble - one-click links make it easy to assemble.
  • Easy to store - large buttons on each link make it easy to disassemble.
  • Revolutionary design - shock-absorbing inner compression zones that maximise the results while minimising discomfort.
  • Durable outer surface to protect the hoop against damage.
  • Waterproof - We suggest you don't use your fitness hoop in the rain but it can withstand the wet.
Fitness Hoop Benefits
  • Proven to aid weight loss - University studies have proven our Pulsehoop deluxe helps lose weight.
  • Quality product - We pride ourselves on our quality, our Pulsehoop Deluxe stands above anything else on the market with many 5 star reviews.
  • Value for money - Invest in a Pulsehoop and it will last you a long time, compared to the inferior cheaply made alternatives.
  • Pulsehoop Deluxe - our award-winning weighted hula hoop
  • Set of Weights - Simply add the weight inserts into your hoop.
  • 3 min Instructional video download (Video link inside box).


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NOTE: The Powerhoop Deluxe and Pulsehoop Deluxe are identical products. For copyright purposes, Deluxe hoops sold in the US are branded as Pulsehoops. You may receive your product in European packaging.